About Tom Barwood

Tom Barwood

About Tom Barwood

Coach, teacher, explorer & adventurer, Tom Barwood is turning his own experiences of travelling the world and navigating life to help others.

As a father, husband, business owner and teacher he knows all too well that life can get in the way of itself, and you occasionally need an opportunity to re-group and re-evaluate.

Taking the time to remind yourself of what’s important to you, can help you re-establish your goals and decipher what might be getting in the way. It’s an opportunity not to turn your life upside down, but rather reaffirm your grip with both hands.

Being outside and using physical energy helps you to access parts of the brain that may be ‘switched off’. This then allows you to relax, breathe, and produce endorphins, putting you into a more positive and constructive mind state.

“Just chatting to Tom gives you a sense that you have an ear for life. Without judgement, Tom listens and helps you find a solution to whatever might be in your way. His insight, and the countryside you’re walking with him in, are literally a breath of fresh air.”

Paul Hutchinson, co-founder, Bedford Independent.

On top of his extensive experience in exploring, mostly on foot, Tom also has combined experience in coaching, consulting, and teaching that gives him unique skills in helping to support others:

  • Teacher: A career that spans almost 30 years
  • Explorer: Traveled extensively, across Asia, the Americas, Oceania, Africa and Europe
  • Coach: Diploma of Coaching (Newcastle College), Licensed practitioner of NLP.
  • Consultant: helped develop learning related skills for over 20 years through LikeMinds Consulting.
  • Author: wrote the best selling Teacher’s Pocketbook ‘Learning to Learn’ available in five languages.

As well as looking after Best Foot Forward clients, Tom is also active as Chair of Governors at a local school, volunteer speaker with Tools With a Mission (TWAM), managing the Panacea Allotments, and working as a sports massage therapist at Sports Massage Bedford.