I didn’t realise I needed Tom’s help until I started going for walks with Best Foot Forward during lockdown.

I often struggle with overthinking, anxiety and decision making, and going for regular walks with Tom has helped with these issues immensely. I always feel lighter and more energised when I get home, with a much clearer idea of where I am heading and a renewed sense of purpose.

Tom listens without judgement and uses his extensive training to coach and direct you towards finding your own solutions, or just allows you time to talk through what is on your mind, offering clarification and validation of your thoughts.

Being out in nature and exercising at the same time makes the whole process so much more enjoyable and freer, less confrontational and intimidating; in this way I find it so much better and solution-focussed than counselling.

Tom has got some great walking circuits and will try not to take you the same route twice, they are usually in the countryside outside of Bedford Town and as such it is rare to come across other people – I never feel like I have to monitor what I say or keep my voice down.

I highly recommend that you give his service a go, it might just be the help you are looking for.

Anna, Bedford

Why Walking? I am not sure if the conditions underfoot, that day in Wales, were as clogged and muddy as my mind at the time, but it was a close-run thing. Something was happening at home, in my married life and something wasn’t happening at work, this was conspiring to make me not be the parent, husband and son I wanted to be.

This wasn’t yet a crisis, it wasn’t even that obvious, but it was getting in the way of my potential in each domain of my life. What I sort was to break through into a new level in all realms of my life but it was just out of reach and I couldn’t understand why.

Walking with Tom at Best Foot Forward helped be set a new reasoning in my mind and a new tone and set of priorities in how I went about doing stuff and being.

As we walked the ancient mud of Offa’s Dyke, time was created and used in a different way as Tom’s questions opened space and became invitations for reconsideration and reflection.

I think the need to walk with care, our proximity and shared experience of the beautiful surroundings, if not weather, helped me to open up, explore and re consider in ways not available when held in the familiar and comfortable of an office or coaching studio.

Our conversation fixed a few immediate and needed issues and it gently change the trajectory of all my relationships and life.

Go walk with Tom.

Adam, Bedford